1/100 MSM-08 Zogock - Hobby Japan (July Issue) Wallpaper Size Images

Images Courtesy of Gundamguy.Blogspot.com

Does anyone know if this is a NG/HG or MG?


Gundam AGE Episode 33 - Captain Butts steps up!

As Char looks on, Captain Einus steps up to the plate... for a few seconds...
Kio clashes again with Char and the two exchange words. We get it already, Kio is very naive towards war and that issue comes back again at the end of the episode.
They spend the rest of the episode bomb hunting, talking, and going back to space.

Compared to the 2nd generation of AGE, Flit looks like he mellowed a bit on the entire revenge and genocide of the entire Vegan race. We see it, more so, at the end when he comforts Kio a little while letting him know the truth of the entire situation. It was something you didn't expect between Flit and Asemu.

This is another alright episode but at least compared to the past few, it seems a bit better. The Fortress against Zeheart's suit  was a pretty neat thing to watch. Although Kio showing off his hacks X-Rounder abilities, throwing the bomb when there was about 1-2 seconds left seems a bit odd. I get that it adds a dramatic effect but how the AGE-3 survived that explosion is beyond me. Yes I know this is an anime.

The real reason I am exited about this episode is that the next episode we get another special treat!


MG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Ver OVA

One of the best looking almost bricks you will ever see. Pictures and general review of the MG Unicorn OVA Version. 150+ Pictures of Unicorn, in Destroy mode, black light shots, and others!


Gundam Age - Vegan Gundams (Updated w/ More Suits!)

Pics of Vegan Gundams coming in AGE & other variants. A little spoiler alert
Hat tip Gundam Age Fan Club - UPDATED- w/ better quality pictures.

MG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver 2.0

 Pictures and review of my straight out of box build of the MG RX-78-2 Ver 2.0
100+ Pictures.

Gundam Unicorn Episode 5

The subs are now out! You should know where to find them.

Another solid episode! While almost every character grows even more, some just completely breaks down. We get to see Riddhe just snap. Its a sad thing to see when a person is engulfed so much by emotions that they forget about their lucky charm.

Its nice to see the actual main protagonist not wallow in self pity.

Bright, its always nice to see you. Always the adult... I think?

Amuro, you're reduced to a picture frame.

Last few minutes was a treat to see Cha.... Full Frontal in action along with the Rozen Zulu. It was such a shame because I like the color of those Rezels.

Have a good day!


HGUC 1/144 ReZEL Type C [Defenser b-Unit] [GR]

Please let them release this in MG!

-Update- I just noticed the odd looking crotch piece....


Gundam Age Episode 32 - Uragirimono!

Well, there goes episode 32. 

*Deep breath in*
A new vegan fleet approaches earth, the Age-3 is remodeled so that only one pilot is needed, Shanalua does her big sister role, Grand pa Flit lectures the kancho, Vegans attack, a spy is accused, mobile suits are launched, Kio disobeys orders, guy in cloak attacks, tragic death scene, vegans plant a bomb, and Zeheart does close to nothing but swim around n shoot at walls. A STELLAR episode wouldn't you say? Yes that was sarcasm.

This is how i feel for most of AGE
For me, they killed off a perfectly good character that could've had more potential towards her relationship with Kio. Build the relationship up for an even more tragic loss. How long did their relationship develop? 3 EPISODES!  Though I am sure as a 12 year old seeing someone you know die can be pretty tragic, it feels so empty from the other side of the screen. Opinions may differ, but this is mine. As for the killer, he was so unmemorable.
The traitor was pulled out from Zeheart's chunky behind. It felt so forced, along with the traitor's death, and the spy's contact(oh so unmemorable), and along with any vegan grunt that's died so far in the entire AGE series.

With such a terrific start to AGE's 3rd generation, its been laying on its tummy for the past few episodes. Holding out hope it gets better!
We get to see the Z'Goks of AGE at least!

Zeheart, you're useless.
Thinking about it, at least AGE isn't as bad as Destiny.

RIP Ms Shanalua 

Gundam Age Episode 31 - Geymalk...I mean Seravee... I mean Fortress!

Kio's aunt magically appears on the Diva, unnecessary conflict is stirred and resolved between main and supporting characters, The Diva is attacked by sand fishes - the Black Tri Star! Wait.... something's not right.

Anyway, Kio shows off his X-Rounder abilities some more this episode. Though with "superior" tactics you, his newtypeness didnt help! Then again, more guns + bigger guns > tactics; and apparently, causes the bad guys to forget all about any kind of tactics.

We get it, there's nothing to be happy about in war.

Another alright episode. The upside, its action packed and we get to see the Fortress in action!

Kio: Ms. Shanalua look! I KILLED THEM ALL! =]
Kio: I did it all for you!
Shanaluauauaua: You did well

Kio: Must K-i-l-l! Must score more POINTS!


Shizuoka Hobby Expo - Gunpla announcements/Pics

  • MG Age-2 Normal
  • MG Buster Gundam
  • MG Blitz Gundam
  • HG Age-3 Orbital
  • HG Age-1 Razor
  • HG Age-2 Artemis
  • HG Age-2 Darkhound
  • HG G-Exes Jack Knife
  • HGUC Hambrabi
  • HGUC Rezel C Type Defensor Unit B
  • HGUC Zeon Base Jabber
  • HGUC Zaku Mariner
  • The inevitable death of my wallet

Thank you Tumblr.

Here is the tentative title for the AGE-2 variation, Darkhound.
Really loving the AGE-3 Orbital, can't wait for the MG version.
As for the MG AGE-2, I hope they come out with more wears than just the double bullet.

Pictures courtesy of Gundamguy.blogspot.com


Gundam AGE - Proof Flit is EVIL

A picture to show how twisted the first main protagonist of Gundam AGE really is. He pretends he is giving his grandson, Kio, a video game, and yet it is actually a way of indoctrinating Kio. If this doesn't make you watch Gundam Age, I dont know what will.


1/144 HG Farisa Custom

I hated the original pink suit, but with the white repaint and wings, this looks like the Age version of Sinanju with Wing Zero's wings. Ha!

Would anyone know what kind of white this guy uses?

Modeled by Hobby no Toriko


"I am the captan, Natora Anu....." AGE Episode 30

Episode 30 of Age is done and over. While the 3rd generation started out with a bang, in my opinion, the 2nd episode was so and so. I expected as much, using the episode to introduce the new Diva crew. Unlike the first 2 generation crews, the Diva gets a complete newbie crew outside of the squad captain and the person in charge of the AGE system.
One biggest sore thumb in the bunch is the new captain of the Diva, Natora Einus. I just can't help but snicker at the way she pronounces her name and it is probably something I wont be able to take seriously for the rest of the series. Her personality is another big issue and will make it all more pleasant to see when she has a complete reversal in how she acts. The AGE-3 gets a temporary new weapon for the episode and saves the day. At the very least we're already treated to the Fortress wear the next episode and that's what I am looking forward to.

For screen shots, Gundamguy.blogspot.com


RG 1/144 RX-178+FXA-05D Super Gundam A.E.U.G Prototype Mobile Suit + Supporting Fighter - Customized Build

Modeled by zgmfxg. Hat tip Gundamguy.blogspot.com for the pictures!

New AGE-1 Wears.

These two are from the Gundam Age game in the PSP. I also have no clue what they are called. The other picture looks like AGE is taking some ideas from 00, but I like it!


A Marvel comic movie done right, really right.

Going to step away from the usual west coast updates for an east coast one.
Ranking at 92%(as of 4am-5/4/12), if you're a fan of marvel or any super hero movie, its a must see.

I'll make it short since I don't want to spoil everything. It has almost everything. It will tug at you from every corner, from the corny(good kind), to the dramatic, and to anyone seeking a good ol' beat em up. I feel like past Marvel movies has been missing a lot of is their sense of humor, but its out in full force for the Avengers. And oh does the Avengers kick all the ass. I want some shawarma now...


1/100 Defiler Tieren

Hat tip Modelers-G


Devil Gundam

Devil Gundam! - Hat tip Modelers-G


Coming really soon...

With 621 pictures! This includes the MG RX-78-2 Ver. 2.0 and MG Unicorn OVA Ver. Now time to delete some of the doubles, which comes down to aroud 310 pictures all together. I am loving the black light shots!
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