"I am the captan, Natora Anu....." AGE Episode 30

Episode 30 of Age is done and over. While the 3rd generation started out with a bang, in my opinion, the 2nd episode was so and so. I expected as much, using the episode to introduce the new Diva crew. Unlike the first 2 generation crews, the Diva gets a complete newbie crew outside of the squad captain and the person in charge of the AGE system.
One biggest sore thumb in the bunch is the new captain of the Diva, Natora Einus. I just can't help but snicker at the way she pronounces her name and it is probably something I wont be able to take seriously for the rest of the series. Her personality is another big issue and will make it all more pleasant to see when she has a complete reversal in how she acts. The AGE-3 gets a temporary new weapon for the episode and saves the day. At the very least we're already treated to the Fortress wear the next episode and that's what I am looking forward to.

For screen shots, Gundamguy.blogspot.com


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