Thought I'd try - Decal Warning! - Updated Again

After much internet searching and asking online stores, I have learned that Bandai has stopped the production for the water slide decals for the MG Unicorn Gundam. Im so late to the party...

Since then I have bought two decals one from TatsuHobby that is a 3rd party decal.
Another, in Ebay from china, which is the picture you see to the side.
Now i applied the decals from TatsuHobby and they turn out pretty fine. Just like the Bandai decals they are pretty thick and easy enough to apply. You can move them around easily in to place. The only down side to them is that they do not stick as well as Bandai decals.

Now, for the more serious matters, the ones I bought from Ebay. They are thin and for me are very difficult to apply. Usually you'd be able to move the decal around once you slide them from the sheet to wherever you are applying them. However, with the ones I bought from China, they tend to stick more, and are very difficult to move around since they are super thin. I am currently in the process of trying to make them work, but I am horrible at these kinds of things. Little patience kind of issues for me. Also, i use the Mr. Mark Setter for applying decals and after applying one, it seemed to have melted the decals slightly. I hope that it is just me getting used to these decals that aren't on par with the Bandai or Tatsuhobby-3rd Party decals. So far I really wouldn't recommend buying these decals, but it was what I expected buying something from China.

If anyone has any suggestions please leave a comment! Or if anyone knows any place left to get the actual Bandai brand decal for the MG Unicorn, because I'd rather use those.

So after messing around with a few more decals from the ones I bought from ebay, they turn out alright as long as I didn't use the mark setter. Even without the setter, they stay on pretty well. While its still difficult for me to move around, i can finagle it to the spot with a cue tip and some water. Though, I still miss the regular  bandai water slide decals. Also I tested them with tamiya clear coats and they've stayed intacted. So far so good.

-Another Update-
I gave up on the ones I bought from ebay. They are really too hard for me to put into place especially once you transfer it from the decal sheet into the place you need, they pretty much stay there. I tested it with a surface that is really glossy and it was the same.

HOWEVER, I did find a nice little bonus one night while being bored. These TatsuHobby decals that i bought glows pretty bright under black light. It was a nice find and I will post them up with the pictures of my MG Unicorn. So that made my purchase from TatsuHobby worth it! Ebay ones, not so much. Again I wouldn't recommend buying them from there unless you have already and you're okay with them.


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