MG MS-06F/J Zaku-II (Custom Paint)

I see you...

After taking this off my shelf after a few years, this was my first MG. Although i checked and it was one of the earlier master grades, the detail and everything was pretty good. Though, you cant move him much. The legs can only go so far because of the side/front skirts. Or is it just me?
Well as you can see, I painted this kit with tamiya's olive-drab 2. I think I also used gunship grey for the rest. And i took some cheap white acrylic paint n tried using that for the panel lines. I suck at panel lines. Oh and notice all the seem lines.

This thing comes with a lot of accessories. You can switch certain parts off from the J type and the F type. I have no clue which one i put. I usually choose which i like best aesthetically. I'll show off more of the weapons if i find them...

I wound up breaking off the circle part on the arm where the shield attaches. So its basically dangling there whenever i put it on. I put a bit too much stress on it trying to put the shield on that it collapsed inwards(Thank you super glue).

I got this kit as a gift so I can't complain. I also love the zaku designs so i cant complain even more!

Where did you get that sword?!


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