Gundam AGE Episode 33 - Captain Butts steps up!

As Char looks on, Captain Einus steps up to the plate... for a few seconds...
Kio clashes again with Char and the two exchange words. We get it already, Kio is very naive towards war and that issue comes back again at the end of the episode.
They spend the rest of the episode bomb hunting, talking, and going back to space.

Compared to the 2nd generation of AGE, Flit looks like he mellowed a bit on the entire revenge and genocide of the entire Vegan race. We see it, more so, at the end when he comforts Kio a little while letting him know the truth of the entire situation. It was something you didn't expect between Flit and Asemu.

This is another alright episode but at least compared to the past few, it seems a bit better. The Fortress against Zeheart's suit  was a pretty neat thing to watch. Although Kio showing off his hacks X-Rounder abilities, throwing the bomb when there was about 1-2 seconds left seems a bit odd. I get that it adds a dramatic effect but how the AGE-3 survived that explosion is beyond me. Yes I know this is an anime.

The real reason I am exited about this episode is that the next episode we get another special treat!


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