Hello everyone! My name is Justin. I started this blog January 29, 2012. So it is fairly new. Right now the title for this blog is "Piercing the Plastics." Since I can't think of another name to name this blog, it will be that until I can come up with something better or someone suggests a good one.

Something that I do often throughout the week is watch Anime.
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is probably one of my favorite animes along sie with Gundam.  It is one of those animes that I always watch no matter how good or how bad.

What I love even more are robots. Especially those 25 meter, walking/flying, mass destruction causing, mechanical, mobile suits! I love being able to snap together a bunch of plastics to assemble a scaled model of those mobile suits since I doubt i'll be able to build a real life one. Its great to display them and even sometimes change up the colors to my liking.
I will mostly be showing them off, finding other things throughout the internet, and sharing my hobbies with everyone!


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