1/100 HG Overflag

I haven't built a HG(or is it a NG?) 1/100 kit in a while. I present to you, the 1/100 HG OverFlag! Or is it a NG? Let me know.
I will try to do a more organized way of typing things.

Build & Paint
For starters, the entire build was nice, easy and fun. It was a great thing even though its a HG/NG? I've read reviews of this kit and they've said that its all mostly just black and a dark gray color. However, and it might just be me, i find it has a really dark brown color also. So the entire frame consists of this glossy black color, some kind of dark gray, white for the few pieces, and a really dark brown color.
And if you haven't noticed, this kit is pretty much a straight out of the box build. Stickers and everything have been applied, I will get to that later on. The only thing I have painted is the actual face behind the clear orange piece. I painted it a chrome paint and the main eye camera a red. I did whatever panel line on the white parts. The rest I kept it the way it is.

Ever built a 1/100 non MG 00 kit? The articulation is mostly on par with the newer HG kits. The only thing that will really stand out are the legs. Unlike most mobile suits, the connection point from the legs to the waist is behind the legs instead of the sides. Since it is part of the transformation, the legs can go all the way back. The entire torso can spin around and drop around to the waist and go up again, entirely because of the transformation.

Weapons & Accessories
 It comes with the linear Rifle, two knives that can be stored inside the forearm, a defense rod, and two sonic blades(plasma blades) when its supposedly extended all the way. The linear rifle that has a clear piece on top so you can decide what color you want the bottom part to be. Either silver or blue. I went with the silver since I find the blue to be the odd color out. The knives and the plasma blades are great and fit nice and snug inside the hand. The shield looks a bit weird but its a unique and different accessory so I can't say much. I do tend to like weird looking things. However the linear rifle is a bit loose. I don't know if its just my kit but yea. Then again, I'd expect as much coming from a HG kit. It also comes with different wing flaps, and little figures of Graham, those people working the runways, and landing gears which you probably wont see here, but its a nice addition to the kit.

The Bad, The Good, and The Rest

I will start off with the bad since this will be my general opinion with the kit and my nit picks which you shouldn't take all too seriously. Unless the kit is really terrible, this will always come first. For a HG kit, I don't have a lot of gripes about the kit. Still, to get to it, I just have to say stickers. Why? Its because they are just awful! I understand its a HG kit but I haven't used a sticker on a large area of a kit in a long time. I forgot how horrible the seals can be to make a certain area a certain color. They don't look all too great. Also since they are seals, they will eventually start to come off, which you will notice on some pictures, just like the tips of the defense rod(the shield). It would've been nice to to get another set of the open hand. It only comes with the right hand, but that's not really that big of a deal.

Now to the good and all the great things about this kit which is EVERYTHING ELSE. I feel like all the HG/NG 1/100 kits for the 00 Series have been improved so much more from past non MG 1/100 kits. The details of the clear orange plate is just wonderful. It even has the outlines of the inner eye camera(?) you see the OverFlag makes in the anime. The inside the details of the face of the kit is great too. Now granted, it wasn't painted, its still on the good side since of the entire detailing. Also you don't need to do much work, even if you wanted to paint the main camera red, its really easy to do so. The detail anywhere else is just overall, great. As for the entire OverFlag, I have always been a fan of most mechs, and I like the general design. Has anyone ever played Armored Core? This mobile suit has that general feel to it, it has a bit of realism to it, and its mechanicy. The transformation is fairly simple too. Its also great how if you put the torso down for the flight mode, the head will go down with it. At first I wondered about the overall colors this kit comes in, but after looking at it for a while, its actually nice that it doesn't come in all that glossy black color. For a pretty much straight out of the box build, its great. Chances of me painting it is very little and if I do, I will probably keep a dark gray/black color scheme. All in all, if you are thinking about picking this kit up and you're a fan of the mobile suit, all I can say is that this is a great kit to have.


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