MG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Ver OVA

One of the best looking almost bricks you will ever see. Pictures and general review of the MG Unicorn OVA Version. 150+ Pictures of Unicorn, in Destroy mode, black light shots, and others!

The long short of it
A little more posable than Ver Ka, transforming Gundam, fickle, and yet one of the most beautiful looking Gundam you will ever see. Best almost brick that will ever stand on your shelf.

The rest of the Destroy Mode and Black Light shots are a bit further down the page.

Build & Paint
Surprisingly enough, the actual build for this Gundam was pretty interesting. The only place that somewhat befuddled me was the construction of the chest. But once you get one side of the opening breast flaps, the other side will be a piece of cake. It's one of those builds that I wouldn't mind doing 2-3 times over again for the Banshee.

As for painting, all the white you see is only covered by a matte top coat. Again I love white plates because it can be sanded down without having very obvious nub marks. I painted the backpack and the bottom of the feet  a dark shade of blue because, they showed nub marks. The inner frame and weapons have all been painted with Gun Metal. Panel lines are panel lined with a black gundam marker and some parts with a red one.

Since this is the OVA version, it doesn't come with all the decals just like the Ver Ka. That said, I tried hunting them down over the internet with no luck. Tatsu Hobby though has 3rd party decals and while they can be a pain because sometimes they don't stick as well, there is a special treat when put under black light! That alone made my entire purchase worth it and more.

As for the general design and details of this kit, I don't even need to pose it on my shelf and it will look better than anything else. This kit just looks beautiful.

So this kit can still move. Though, it wont have the same articulation as say the MG 00 Kits or beyond. The arms can go a bit further than 90 degrees, the waist can turn around, can kick, can split, the knee bend isn't all too much. All of the articulation dies in Destroy mode. Not so much that it can't move, but everytime you move something, a part closes or something gets out of place for destroy mode. All that aside, this kit isn't made to move - that's not a bad thing.

Weapons & Accessories
The kit comes with a sitting figure to put in the cockpit and a standing one. It comes with a beam magnum, 3 clips for the beam magnum, a bazooka with the ammo pack, a shield, and 4 beam sabers.

The bazooka looks great, though hard to pose, I can't say anything else really.
The beam magnum is nice, you can remove the ammo clip and the extras can be put in the back skirts. The beam magnum really looks great, its that standard "beam rifle" all Gundams need.
It comes with 4 beam saber handles, but the kit only comes with 2 beam saber effect parts. So i had to pillage the other two from another kit. You will notice one set is pink and one set is dark red.
The shield itself is another wonderful piece of work. The regular mode looks great and the Destroy Mode looks even greater. The extra psycho frames that extends to the sides just makes it unique while fitting in with the entire Gundam.

The Good, the Bad, and the Rest
Off with the bad! The unicorn mode looks plain. The hand joint that connects to the arm is a little loose, although it could just be my kit. Once in destroy mode, there are so many moving pieces that you don't ever want to move the thing. Its basically a brick.

But, and that's a pretty big but, it is a gorgeous looking brick. While the unicorn might look plain, it does look good. In Destroy mode, its got to be the nicest looking Gundam designs I have ever seen. While the kit itself isn't that simple, I feel like a Gundam that only needs a shield, a beam magnum, some beam sabers, a bazooka, and nothing else is a big win in my books. Add the amazing looks with a black light, and I just wish I can make it glow like that 24/7. Right now this thing is sitting in my shelf and I don't ever want to move it. It looks so good there, not to mention I don't want to mess it up. You can even see in some shots, some parts are not open or not exactly in place. I am too lazy to fix them, but it still looks good you have to admit.

You should know what you're getting if you're buying this kit. If you're buying this kit just for the looks, then this is for you. If you're looking for a dynamic, pose able kit, maybe the HG kits would be better.

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Christian Wijaya said...

You say that this MG Unicorn kit is OVA version, then why are the beam saber's blades pink instead of blue? Also the head section in OVA version has a pair of Vulcan guns.

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