MG GNT-0000 00 Qan(T) (Custom Paint - Designer Colors)

I put a lot of work into this kit considering that I am very lazy. Except for that little stump on the GN Sword V that is supposed to plug into the arm. And yes, my Quanta stole 00's GN Sword III.

Original Colors
The violet-blue
comes off a lot better in this shot.
  • Tamiya Violet-Blue
  • Tamiya Gunmetal
  • Testors Gold
  • Testors Chrome
  • Tamiya Matte White
  • Tamiya Semi-Gloss Clear

I really liked the color scheme of the first trailer for the movie or the designer colors, granted it is supposed to be a darker shade of blue, I like the blue-violet color better. So, I decided to get rid of all of the red except the goatee. The violet-blue color doesn't show as nicely in the camera. There was one picture where it does come out better. Of course, i painted all the yellow parts gold. I got rid of the red around the abs and painted them white. The feet was painted violet-blue. I've painted most of the inner-frame and any gray parts gunmetal. I also painted the sides of the face plate gunmetal. In the anime most of the Exia line has that sides colored the same as its inner frame. The inner-frame for the chest condenser, right underneath the clear piece, i painted it chrome. I felt like if i did that, the chest will pop-out a little especially when the LED is off.
I decided to top coat everything with a semi-gloss clear coat. I started off using a matte coat, but i wanted it to have some kind of shine. It was also the first time i ever put any clear coat over any clear parts for the kit. I ended up really liking how it came out. Overall, I really like the color scheme especially with all the decals.


Articulation, is articulation. To me that doesn't matter as much as long as i can move it in the most basic ways and it can pretty much move any which way. The upper body is connected to the waist by a ball joint and the upper chest can move to either side. With that said, there is a giant shield on the Quanta's left shoulder attached to it's back. So with those two points, it's bound to lean towards where the shield is.

I've seen a lot of people have problems with the side skirts falling off and the end part to extend so you can place the sword there. I just decided to super glue both skirts with it open since yes, i had a lot of time where they just fell off. The giant blue cover that goes on one of its arms do tend to fall off whenever you're fiddling around with it. I am to the point where I am considering gluing it also. The arms themselves can also fall off from the upper shoulder part connecting to the chest when you're playing around with them. Does anyone remember how the  MG Shining Gundam's inner frame connects to certain points? There is a little peg so that when it turns from the initial connection, it stays up there. That was great engineering, I don't know why it didn't catch on.

The two shorter GN Sword Bits that goes in the under side of the shield are a bit hard to take off, especially if its painted. I've read that its easy to break so I don't really bother putting them on the shield all the way. <- UPDATE - One of them finally broke. It will be the last time i will be using these connectors.

The GN Sword V doesnt plug into the arm slot as well either. As you can see, I put the GN Sword III on my Quanta. I like it a lot better that way. You can also use most of the sword bits as actual weapons which is pretty neat. From either just them separately, or like the picture on the left, you can just take it straight off the shield and use them as weapons. You can also play around with that since it has a bending point. I wouldn't know what to call the weapons but if you have any imagination, unlike me, you can do a few things with them.
As for the GN Buster sword, I have played around a bit with them, but I do not have the patience to find the right poses and use the stand it comes with. If i ever get around to it i'll upload pictures. But for now I am trying to avoid it.

The GN drive lights up if you want it to. Of course the LEDs doesn't come with the kit. So you either have to either get it from your other MG kits that might have it or order/buy them. I got the cheap Chinese ones and you have to do a bit of sanding so it fits because i couldn't close the GN drive. I wish they had a way to make the light go up to the head.

If anyone has seen the 1/144, along with other 1/100 scales, they come with separate hands. Usually they'll have a closed, open, and weapon hands. I really don't see the point of having these MG/1/100/NG hands with the pointer finger, the thumb, and the 3 fingers. I would've liked to have the open hands so i can pose the kit certain ways. You really don't need the pose ability with the hands with certain kits because for the weapons, there will be pegs to hold them. If the kit isn't holding a weapon the hands just looks awkward, just imagine how your hand/fingers are when u totally relax them, that's how they look.

Another thing I have a gripe with is that you can't swivel the shield so that the top points forward like the movie. In the movie the Quanta shoots from the top of the shield. Another one is that when you put it in its quantum burst mode, you can pull out all the condensers. If they were going to include the feature it has for that mode, they could've at least made it so that the chest extends just like the movie but it does not. Which is kind of a shame since I liked the way that part looks. If you look on google some people modified it so that it can come out.

I just like the general designs of the Quanta. It has a bit of Exia and a bit of 00 Gundam. I also like the design of the shield despite it being a weight problem for the kit. I did order the water slide decals and decided to use other decals i had with this kit. The only real thing I don't like about the Quanta is it's sword. From Exia to 00 Gundam its always had the massive GN Sword/Blaster. I guess Quanta is supposed to have a more sleek look to it? Also I guess the GN Buster Sword makes up for that, but I've always thought that the way the GN Blades were designed was perfect since its connected to the entire lower part of the arm.

I was deciding if I should buy the Full Saber add on,  but i liked the look of only having one shoulder accessory. If you're a big fan of 00 or just Quanta you should get this kit, despite the downsides which there's not a lot and most is just me nit picking, i think just the general look and details of this kit is wonderful.

00 Raiser and 00 Qan[T]


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