Shizuoka Hobby Expo - Gunpla announcements/Pics

  • MG Age-2 Normal
  • MG Buster Gundam
  • MG Blitz Gundam
  • HG Age-3 Orbital
  • HG Age-1 Razor
  • HG Age-2 Artemis
  • HG Age-2 Darkhound
  • HG G-Exes Jack Knife
  • HGUC Hambrabi
  • HGUC Rezel C Type Defensor Unit B
  • HGUC Zeon Base Jabber
  • HGUC Zaku Mariner
  • The inevitable death of my wallet

Thank you Tumblr.

Here is the tentative title for the AGE-2 variation, Darkhound.
Really loving the AGE-3 Orbital, can't wait for the MG version.
As for the MG AGE-2, I hope they come out with more wears than just the double bullet.

Pictures courtesy of Gundamguy.blogspot.com


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