Gundam Age Episode 32 - Uragirimono!

Well, there goes episode 32. 

*Deep breath in*
A new vegan fleet approaches earth, the Age-3 is remodeled so that only one pilot is needed, Shanalua does her big sister role, Grand pa Flit lectures the kancho, Vegans attack, a spy is accused, mobile suits are launched, Kio disobeys orders, guy in cloak attacks, tragic death scene, vegans plant a bomb, and Zeheart does close to nothing but swim around n shoot at walls. A STELLAR episode wouldn't you say? Yes that was sarcasm.

This is how i feel for most of AGE
For me, they killed off a perfectly good character that could've had more potential towards her relationship with Kio. Build the relationship up for an even more tragic loss. How long did their relationship develop? 3 EPISODES!  Though I am sure as a 12 year old seeing someone you know die can be pretty tragic, it feels so empty from the other side of the screen. Opinions may differ, but this is mine. As for the killer, he was so unmemorable.
The traitor was pulled out from Zeheart's chunky behind. It felt so forced, along with the traitor's death, and the spy's contact(oh so unmemorable), and along with any vegan grunt that's died so far in the entire AGE series.

With such a terrific start to AGE's 3rd generation, its been laying on its tummy for the past few episodes. Holding out hope it gets better!
We get to see the Z'Goks of AGE at least!

Zeheart, you're useless.
Thinking about it, at least AGE isn't as bad as Destiny.

RIP Ms Shanalua 


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