MG 00 Raiser

MG GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser

I didn't really have much motivation to build this kit outside of taking the GN Sword III for my 00 Qanta. And yes, the plate around the neck is missing in most of the pictures.
I still like the 00 Gundam, its just i wasn't too crazy about it. The coolest scenes this gundam had was the very first time it started and when it posed like wing zero while releasing all its particles.

To the paint!
Tamiya light metallic blue and Testors siver.
I wanted to play around with the tamiya metallic colors so i used those. 
I didn't spray the silver on the inner frame as well. Probably because i was enthusiastically painting it. Maybe when i get around to buying another can i'll go over those parts. Also, there are barely any panel lines on. I doubt i will put the decals on.

The light metallic blue comes off a lot darker in the pictures.

I really like the GN Drives that are cones, if only Quanta had one or two. Anyways, i still like the kit. Its just obviously, if you put that much weight on its back and sides, then there will be weight issues. I am too impatient to try to do any ground poses with everything on. Even on the action base, i had to be careful how far back or forward it goes, because all the weight would pull this guy down either way. I really wanted to do a shot where everything is pointed forward, just like when 00 Raiser was trying to cut down the satellite weapon.

Currently I only have one LED for 00, but i am getting more soon. Expect more pictures, hopefully better poses too, once i get all the LEDs.

*More pictures with LEDs on and on.
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For the reds and yellows did you spray as well?

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