Heaven-Piercing Gurren Lagann!

Another mecha anime I love is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann(That's a mouthful).
If you can't tell, it is where I got the blog title from.
This was the first anime with giant robots that was so ludicrous, silly, over the top, but an overall great anime(Well, that's my opinion). It's those manly-man animes where no matter what, just your pure will power alone, your guts, believing in yourself, can pull through anything.
The overall silliness of how they first combined was just one of those things you never forget. The way it tugs at you is something you can't ignore and the constant twists in the anime are just great.
The over sized drills, the two faces, the torso face, the sunglasses for the torso face/weapon, a mech piloting another bigger mech, the constant super sizing of each mech. Do i need to say any more?

The first set of pictures are the Revoltech No.1119 Gurren Lagann Gurren Wing Ver.
This one has a more vibrant, cartoony look to it.

The next set - RIOBOT 04 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
While this one has a darker, more detailed look to it. The chest eyes move with the head! HA!


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