GM Sniper Type

Hat tip Modelers-G.


YAMS-130B Guraifa - Scratch Build

Another stunning kit from Modelers-G website. I can't understand Japanese, so I am about to butcher everything by using google to translate it. 

Gundam Age Episode 29!

So the last stretch to this series starts! I am going to watch it more now since more Gundams will come into the picture besides the protagonist's. I can't wait to see the Vagan's Gundam and the other new dark mobile suit.

Super Robot Taisen Z2 Videos!

Where is my psp?!?
Videos of all the attacks of certain units. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Thought I'd try - Decal Warning! - Updated Again

After much internet searching and asking online stores, I have learned that Bandai has stopped the production for the water slide decals for the MG Unicorn Gundam. Im so late to the party...

Since then I have bought two decals one from TatsuHobby that is a 3rd party decal.
Another, in Ebay from china, which is the picture you see to the side.
Now i applied the decals from TatsuHobby and they turn out pretty fine. Just like the Bandai decals they are pretty thick and easy enough to apply. You can move them around easily in to place. The only down side to them is that they do not stick as well as Bandai decals.

Now, for the more serious matters, the ones I bought from Ebay. They are thin and for me are very difficult to apply. Usually you'd be able to move the decal around once you slide them from the sheet to wherever you are applying them. However, with the ones I bought from China, they tend to stick more, and are very difficult to move around since they are super thin. I am currently in the process of trying to make them work, but I am horrible at these kinds of things. Little patience kind of issues for me. Also, i use the Mr. Mark Setter for applying decals and after applying one, it seemed to have melted the decals slightly. I hope that it is just me getting used to these decals that aren't on par with the Bandai or Tatsuhobby-3rd Party decals. So far I really wouldn't recommend buying these decals, but it was what I expected buying something from China.

If anyone has any suggestions please leave a comment! Or if anyone knows any place left to get the actual Bandai brand decal for the MG Unicorn, because I'd rather use those.

So after messing around with a few more decals from the ones I bought from ebay, they turn out alright as long as I didn't use the mark setter. Even without the setter, they stay on pretty well. While its still difficult for me to move around, i can finagle it to the spot with a cue tip and some water. Though, I still miss the regular  bandai water slide decals. Also I tested them with tamiya clear coats and they've stayed intacted. So far so good.

-Another Update-
I gave up on the ones I bought from ebay. They are really too hard for me to put into place especially once you transfer it from the decal sheet into the place you need, they pretty much stay there. I tested it with a surface that is really glossy and it was the same.

HOWEVER, I did find a nice little bonus one night while being bored. These TatsuHobby decals that i bought glows pretty bright under black light. It was a nice find and I will post them up with the pictures of my MG Unicorn. So that made my purchase from TatsuHobby worth it! Ebay ones, not so much. Again I wouldn't recommend buying them from there unless you have already and you're okay with them.


Project Double R - Gundam Raisel + 0 Raiser

By tstca92q.

Project Double R - Gundam Raisel + 0 Raiser

A 1/144 Scale, now when will they make at the 1/100 scale of Raisel? Props to this guy for literally everything to having to put up with that much add on parts to a kit. I am wondering how it stands up right like that. I can imagine how a 1/100 scale would be. Ahhh.....

Double Bullet in Wolf's Colors!

Modeled by saiyan59. I was waiting for someone to make an effect parts for the shoulder sabers, but he made it all white too! Ahh love the paint job and the shading.
Twin  Hyper DODs Rifle? Can it destroy entire colonies too? XD

Any Macross fans out there?

Hat Tip Mecha Guy - 30th Anniversary Macross Exhibition - 1/1 Scale VF-25 Valkyrie.
"30th Anniversary Macross Exhibition ~ Valkyrie de sasotte!This special exhibition will be held @ SunShine City, Ikebukuro (Apr. 28th - May 6th, 2012), and will feature a 1:1 scale VF-25 Valkyrie."

While I have not seen a lot of macross, I cant pass by any life sized scale of a mecha. Has anyone ever play Another Century games? If you have a PS2 or a fast enough pc to run an emulator, try the 2nd and 3rd games. Most popular mecha is there!

GM Custom

This marks the last custom kits I found this morning on Modelers-G!

A MG 1/100 Custom GM, again it tend to like most of the Non-Gundam mobile suits a lot, and when I come across somethign as well painted and built as this one, I just need to post it!
Is that the MK II's feet? Hey if you know the parts this guy used, feel free to comment!

Super Jesta!

More custom kits from Modelers-G

I am am a big Jesta fan. Any custom kits of the Jesta gets a thumbs up from me!
Especially when you put fin funnels on it.

MS18-SE Kampfer

Another Kit from Modelers-G!

This just looks beautiful!

Adele Titus Custom!

From http://www.modelers-g.jp

One of my more favorite custom kits I've found on the internet.

Mobile Suit Gundam UC: Episode 5- First 8 Mins

First 8 minutes in english.

MG Banshee & G Bouncer Variant & Sinanju Stein - Updated!

I don't know if I like the Novel Banshee, or this one.
I got the Unicorn Gundam anyway.

Mg Sparrow - UPDATED - w/ Pictures

Officially released in Japan. Sparrow or Titus? I CANT DECIDE. MONEY STAT!

Seriously though, the Sparrow is looking better and better! I like the sleekness of it all. Also the bulk is made of darker colors, gray and blue. Since I am not a big fan of anything red, with a few exceptions.
I would really like to repaint this kit. I want to put a beam saber where the needles comes out!

But has there been a ninja themed gundam? Outside of G Gundam if there is any.


ZOIDS HMM Series 1/72 EZ-049 Berserk Fuhrer [Kotobukiya - Model Kit]

I used to have the Berserk Fuhrer, along with the Geno Breaker. I wound up giving them both away to some kid because whenever he came by my house he always played with them. Zoids is another mecha series that I loved. Some might find it a little corny especially Zoids Zero and whatever new series afterwards. Still, I saw this kit in Toys R Us one day and bought it. Yes back then they used to sell different kits even Gundam Wing kits. But I like how Kotobukiya's kit looks. Its weapons looks more detailed. Even the inner frame looks wonderful! I am wondering if it will also have the motors to make it walk and everything like the kit I used to have. I can't remember what the kit is called, so if anyone remembers what it is, please tell!


MG Age-1 Normal -Painted- by Suny Buny

These are the reasons why I love to look at other people's models, they just look so good. And hopefully, I can make one of my models look as good as that!


Food what? Taking ideas from the East!

Yes this might be out of place but this is something I've constantly seen in Code Geass. If you're a fan then you know what I am talking about and the picture to the right is something you're very familiar with. Now, I've never had a pizza quiet like this and I would love to be able to eat the hot dog stuffed ones!
Well you see, there are mechas in Code Geass and I'll leave it at that. Just a neat thing to see in the big ol(or skinny new) tubes.

Hopefully after trying this my initial reactions will be something like this...
Maybe even enough for me to break into a song about pizza...


So i just noticed how off the alignments were of the boxes here on this blog. Did not see how off they were until I used a different computer with different resolution.


00 Stargazer

Found this on message boards, love the color scheme and the idea of having stargazer's light propulsion system and tweaking it a bit. If anyone knows where this comes from please tell!



The greatest kit bashes ever, the SUSABALL and SINABALL!

Images courtesy of Gundam Kits Collection


Heaven-Piercing Gurren Lagann!

Another mecha anime I love is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann(That's a mouthful).
If you can't tell, it is where I got the blog title from.
This was the first anime with giant robots that was so ludicrous, silly, over the top, but an overall great anime(Well, that's my opinion). It's those manly-man animes where no matter what, just your pure will power alone, your guts, believing in yourself, can pull through anything.
The overall silliness of how they first combined was just one of those things you never forget. The way it tugs at you is something you can't ignore and the constant twists in the anime are just great.
The over sized drills, the two faces, the torso face, the sunglasses for the torso face/weapon, a mech piloting another bigger mech, the constant super sizing of each mech. Do i need to say any more?

Zone of the Enders - Jehuty

Its been a long time since I played Zone of the Enders! Non the less, I love the games and I love the mech designs even more. That last model reminded me Jehuty and Anubis.


1/100 RX-93-v2D Hi Nu Gundam Custom Unit D by Patrick

First time I saw the pictures it reminded me of Anubis from Zone of the Enders. Great color scheme, everything works well together.
I like the 1/144 one with the big seraphim face as the chest. Any mobile suit that has that big gundam face always gets my thumbs up!

More pictures after the jump!

1/100 ZGMF-X666S Regend Gundam - By ebkkoubou

I love any multiple arm mobile suit! So many funnels! This is so ridiculous its great!


AMS-129 Geara Zulu Diorama by Intermezzo0224

Simply Stunning!

1/100 Gundam Deathscythe Ver.SU - Customized Build - Modeled by Pleya

I never liked Deathscythe Hell's entire shield/cloak. That one part of it however looks nice with the color scheme.
More pictures after the jump!


Gundam Age Titus - Samus Kit Bash

Again, another genius at work! I don't know who made this to credit them, but I wish I did so I could see this person's other works. Who can tell me which parts are used to make this?

Kit Bash! 00 and Unicorn Gundam

This guy is a genius! I've been wanting to kit bash 00Qan[T] and Unicorn Gundam for a long time. But, I want a 1/100 scale of it and that's going to cost me some $$$. Im wondering if I should just settle for a 1/144 scaled one.

SD ReZEL Commander Type - By iyo_08

From the title you can guess what this is.
Modeled by iyo_08


Best Pilot Comparisons

I stumbled upon a neat little thing while browsing the internet. "Best Gundam pilot comparisons" (SPOILER WARNING)
Hit the jump to view the entire thing!


Work in Progress (MG Unicorn)

So i want to add all the decals i can put. More pics coming soon of this and the RX-78-2 v2.0


1/100 HG Overflag

I haven't built a HG(or is it a NG?) 1/100 kit in a while. I present to you, the 1/100 HG OverFlag! Or is it a NG? Let me know.


More Images found throughout the internet!

So this is an image i found from gundamguy.blogspot.com
While it could be an april fools, its still nice look for the AGE-2. Hope its real =P
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