ZOIDS HMM Series 1/72 EZ-049 Berserk Fuhrer [Kotobukiya - Model Kit]

I used to have the Berserk Fuhrer, along with the Geno Breaker. I wound up giving them both away to some kid because whenever he came by my house he always played with them. Zoids is another mecha series that I loved. Some might find it a little corny especially Zoids Zero and whatever new series afterwards. Still, I saw this kit in Toys R Us one day and bought it. Yes back then they used to sell different kits even Gundam Wing kits. But I like how Kotobukiya's kit looks. Its weapons looks more detailed. Even the inner frame looks wonderful! I am wondering if it will also have the motors to make it walk and everything like the kit I used to have. I can't remember what the kit is called, so if anyone remembers what it is, please tell!


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