Gundam Age Episode 31 - Geymalk...I mean Seravee... I mean Fortress!

Kio's aunt magically appears on the Diva, unnecessary conflict is stirred and resolved between main and supporting characters, The Diva is attacked by sand fishes - the Black Tri Star! Wait.... something's not right.

Anyway, Kio shows off his X-Rounder abilities some more this episode. Though with "superior" tactics you, his newtypeness didnt help! Then again, more guns + bigger guns > tactics; and apparently, causes the bad guys to forget all about any kind of tactics.

We get it, there's nothing to be happy about in war.

Another alright episode. The upside, its action packed and we get to see the Fortress in action!

Kio: Ms. Shanalua look! I KILLED THEM ALL! =]
Kio: I did it all for you!
Shanaluauauaua: You did well

Kio: Must K-i-l-l! Must score more POINTS!


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