SD 00 Gundam

This was probably the first kit that i every spray painted outside of matte top coats.

I didn't put so much work into it, which you'll be able to tell, but that shade of blue i did end up liking. The gold part on the V fins i just tried using a gold gundam marker and its very messy. The panel lines too. I usually just panel line the bare plastic and wipe away the extra with my fingers or tissue. It usually works, but its on a white primer so i couldn't do the same thing. Also at that time i didnt know i can use things that will get paint/ink off oh like lets say alcohol or nail polish remover. Why don't i redo it? I'll wind up spending an eternity trying to make it perfect, but I am thinking about repainting this kit.

I love SD kits too, its just that i end up buying a 1/100 kit because i like the bigger proportions. I do plan on buying more SD kits when i have extra $$$ to burn.
Hopefully SD Sinanju!


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