MG Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai (Custom Paint - Red Frame Invert)

This is my painted MG Red Frame Kai.

Paint - 
Tamiya - Metallic Green, Gunmetal, Light Gunemtal, Silver Leaf, Clear Blue
Testors Gold

This kit is such a wonderful kit but at the same time it made me sigh. I made the mistake of not priming the inner frame so the green is a bit of a different shade in certain places. I did so thinking the metallic green just covers it up like the silver paint, but it does not. Sometimes I try to test paint to see how a spray paint will turn out, I don't know why I didn't with this one. The paint doesn't stick as well to the poly caps either, that is why there is some red showing where the legs connects to the hip and the arms to the chest. The V fin isn't as well painted and there's a little bubble. Its not that noticeable to the naked eye but its painfully obvious when a picture is taken.

I took out the green eye sticker and tried to do a clear blue paint over a silver paint. However, underneath all those dark colors and in a place where light does not hit all too well, the blue does not show at all unless taken in certain shots.
If someone has any suggestions or tips on how to paint the eyes, it will be much appreciated!

I also broke off the blade part of the Tactical Arms II(?). I hid it under the white decal. There was a lot of things i did so horribly wrong due to impatience.
Lessons learned. Will write more when I get reminded of the rest.

As for the color scheme, I originally planned on making it an invert of the red frame. I am really not a big fan of the color red. But, having the feet and upper chest in a ligher shade of gunmetal or silver looked weird to me, that is why I decided against it. So i call this my Invert Frame.

It might not come off to my pictures, but this kit has amazing articulation since there is little armor to hinder the inner frame. The pictures i take does not give it the justice it deserves, but I don't want to scratch the paint any more than i have.
I love the kit, love it more with the colors i chose. With the one exception to that the green comes off too grainy to me. And with the obviously glaring mistakes I have made. The two katanas are great! They are shiny and nice, enough said. The tactical arms is great too, besides the fact that it weighs a ton, but just having that gigantic sword/bow/w.e is a novelty for me. If you want you can switch the Tactical arms to the Blue Frame ones. Also, it includes the knives from the Blue Frame. While it does include the feet from the Blue Frame, it does not include the upper part of the feet, so no go for putting hidden knife feet on your Red Frame, unless you're skilled enough to do so. Now if it can only hold up the Tactical Arms without the stand.

There really isn't much else to complain about this kit. Anything I say outside of the Tactical Arms is pretty much nit picking. For example, that V fin. That thing drops if it's moved, but its really a minor nuisance. Everything else stays where it needs to stay.
If you plan on picking this kit up, do so. If i could get another one, and leave it with just top coats and panel lines, i would definitely build this kit all over again. That is how much i loved this kit. Its just wonderful, thumbs up!


Anonymous said...

If Green Frame have a beam saber, what color will it be? ;)

Kurt Laws said...

Nice build, I just ordered the red frame and plan to paint it a metallic blue, I like your frame colors.

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