YAMS-130B Guraifa - Scratch Build

Another stunning kit from Modelers-G website. I can't understand Japanese, so I am about to butcher everything by using google to translate it. 

This is from the actual page, about the work - "Setting of the successor of the Gila ...-Suhl. For "Zaku" is Gila-Suhl, be equivalent to the "Gouf" This is a. Psycho in the body frame equipped with a unicorn to say that, the pilot of the pull-three 13th strengthening human rather than an if ... lamba Lal.  Guraifa of naming (GREIFER), the "Evil" in German, aircraft number "130" number of the next, "13" of pull-AMS-129 is 13 so-Suhl Gila devil "beast" 666 "(number of aircraft Kshatriya etc. ") numbers, all I put "the relevance of the" devil. Was included in the word "group", "off" to Guraifa is a coincidence. When you design, also is because it is also a contest, started strong personality of its own but, without departing from the world of Universal Century, not too far from the design line with the MS of age unicorn drawn by Mr. Katoki that Bear in mind was. In the 13th All Japan Championships Orazaku, was awarded the grand prize."
You can get bits and pieces from that, but proper translation anyone? 


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