Gundam Age Episode 29!

So the last stretch to this series starts! I am going to watch it more now since more Gundams will come into the picture besides the protagonist's. I can't wait to see the Vagan's Gundam and the other new dark mobile suit.

If you hate Age, all I can say is keep an open mind. It can be corny at times, but hey its anime.

As for the start of the 3rd generation, the episode starts out great with the introduction of the new protagonist and Asemu holding his baby. I thought at first he died, but I guess for now he is just MIA and I am guessing he's going to be piloting that crossbone looking gundam. While the middle of the episode is so and so, it kicks up with the re-entrance of the vagan, and the rest is just a blast to watch. Trust me, its not all that bad.

My favorite scene is when Flit explains to Kio how he had him in his scheming little fingers ever since he was young by the way he though Kio how to pilot a mobile suit. But after the entire 2nd generation of Flit being that cold revenge seeking guy, its nice to see funny moments. You have to love that picture.

Oh you also have to hand it to Flit, he's how old and he's jumping out of flying vehicles into another moving vehicle. As for the Age-3, I am liking the design more and more. Its bulky, its a bit more colorful, and I love the forearm beam sabers!  I am going to ignore the G-Cepter, it just looks ridiculous. I have mixed feelings about the new rifle. While I love big bulky weapons, how it translates into scaled kits isn't that great of a thing. Sure it looks wonderful, but because of the size, there will alway be weight problems. However, bandai can always suprise me.

Images courtesy of Gundamguy!


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