MG Banshee & G Bouncer Variant & Sinanju Stein - Updated!

I don't know if I like the Novel Banshee, or this one.
I got the Unicorn Gundam anyway.

This is my first time seeing the G-Bouncer variant from Gundam Age. The G-Xiphos(I think this is a better name than "G-Bouncer"). I can't understand the scan of the page, but from the wonders of Google and thanks to the people who put info on wiki, its supposedly the successor to the G-Bouncer. Still, i like the design of the G-Bouncer and I am liking the design of the G-Xiphos even more. The hand being replaced by a hook and a rifle is my only real "eh" moment, but that's all personal preference.

This is also the first time I've seen the Sinanju Stein, although I have seen custom paint jobs of white Sinanju, its still pretty neat!

Since this page is getting hits, I am going to put images of the MG Banshee. Images courtesy of Dalong.net
I would get this kit if I had the money. The only real thing I would complain about the kit, since I've seen it from other websites, is that  the yellow chest part, the unicorn face plate, and the horns have this out of place looking yellow. I love the orange psycho frame, would it look weird for all the yellow pieces to have been orange too? Oh the entire frame has a more dark blue color rather than being a very dark gray or black. Despite all that, I still want it, it looks menacing in Unicorn mode especially with the new OVA parts.


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