Gundam Age Episode 35 - Black History

I feel like the 3rd generation of Age is finally stepping up to the plate. After watching this episode you get an idea of where things are going especially since we've seen screen shots of the new AGE Gundam thats going to come out soon. It also makes sense as to why they are rolling out the new wears for the AGE-3 so fast.

As for the episode, they take the majority of the first half showing how the entire Diva crew is lamenting on finding out about the Super Pirate Pilot, especially Kio and Flit. Again, as much as we've seen Flit soften from the rock he was at the 2nd Generation it still comes back.

The episode also reveals the "curse" Ash/Asemu was talking about the last episode. It feels like a Turn-A situation where an old civilization's lost technology. Now it's a race to see which one makes use of that treasure or if it gets destroyed, obviously it will be the former. Char's suit also gets an upgrade with the Vegans conveniently knowing some of that lost technology and introducing AGE's bit/funnel/dragoon, which to me are not that impressive because they are balls of light that move around. Considering they hit the AGE-3 in the back and didn't do much it feels like its just a distraction. How much practicality would it really have either if the opponent is a Newty.. I mean an X-Rounder?

Towards the end the action picks up with the Vegans attacking the Diva, again. The AGE-3 Orbital makes its day appearance and ends the episode in an actual cliff hanger. Is this the first actual real cliff hanger in the series? I don't remember but its good when used sparingly. Looking forward to the next episode!


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