Gundam Age Episode 34 - Super Pirate Pilot Ash

I kinda liked this episode,  although we all knew what was coming. So we finally get to see the AGE-2 Dark Hound in action. At first I was wondering if they changed Ash aka Asemu's voice actor and they did. I like it better since he sounds a lot more older. So the space pirates Bisidians waited for the Diva to come and attacked them. Or if you've seen the episode, "tested" the Diva and their crew. Seeing Asemu back is always neat and the fight between the AGE-2 DH and AGE-3 Normal was alright.

By the end we have the Bisidians, Vegans, and the Diva crew all gunning for the Vegans because of a clever strategy from Flit. Asemu also ends up saving his son and leaving him a present in the end. I won't even get into the father/son issues that being the father was thought to be MIA for years. But, Kio could've just separated the Gundam into the core fighter and the G-Cepter. I don't understand why he didn't do that, or is he not able to because they singled out the cockpits and it can't separate anymore? Asemu keeps on saying he's a super pilot. If he was  he shouldn't have that big scar on his face and end this war! Flit also lets the cat out of the bag and tells Kio who was actually piloting that AGE-2 Variant. I look forward to more clashes between father and son. I can picture the end already, all three generations teaming up for the big finale. Unless someone dies of course.

Next episode, we're already seeing the Orbital. I guess its only fitting because they're in space now. It also feels like they're doing this to make up for the one wear we get in the 2nd generation and the fact that there are more Gundams coming outside of the AGE-3 Normal, Fortress, and Orbital. Can't wait to see the Orbital in action!


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