Nadleeh Akwos & Seravee GNHW/3G

Of course these are not my model. I would like to share these to who ever cares!
I have no info on the custom Seravee GNHW/3G but the Nadleeh Akwos is a customized MG Exia. You can tell from the LED chest and GN drive.

I do wish i was skilled enough to do these kinds of things. I love the Nadleeh Akwos variation. If i could modify something to make it look like that I would add the regular Nadleeh hair too.

I love the Gundam head shield that turns into a sword. As for the Seravee variation, look at how many beam sabers it can hold!! You can call it impractical or whatever, but that thing would looks so good on my shelf.


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